Video of Keynote Lecture at 3Ts 2013: Transliteracy from Cradle to Career

I've been sent videos of 3 lectures at the 3Ts conference at SUNY Empire State College on 15 March 2013. My talk is embedded below and features introductions by the college provost, Deborah Amery, and the Dean, Tom Mackey.  I really enjoyed all of our conversations that day.

OER 101

Presentation by Mark McBride and Beth Burns about SUNY Buffalo State's OER 101 course
Metaliteracy: Dean Thomas Mackey

Sue Thomas Lecture

A lecture on Transliteracy delivered by Sue Thomas on March 15, 2013

What I learned about transliteracy in Saratoga

At 3Ts 2013: Transliteracy from Cradle to Career in Saratoga Springs this week I learned some new things about transliteracy. 

1. In What I Want, When I Want to Watch It: Brief Thoughts on Television Literacy in the Streaming World with Hollie Miller & Michele Forte, Hollie aka @theotherinside showed us a feature on Hulu Plus which allows you to choose between adverts. That means that when the ads come on – as they invariably do – if you don't like the one they're showing, you can choose a different ad from several on offer. Very interesting ad-based literacy – I've never been asked to consciously choose my own ads before, even though I know I'm already trading off that information on many of my social media platforms. And of course, in the process, Hulu learns lots about your preferences 😉

20130315_1715162. This next phenomenon may be familiar to American readers but I haven't seen it in the UK. In my hotel, the Saratoga Hampton Inn, each room has a transliterate doorsign – a different image for each room on my corridor. I didn't check whether they were duplicated on each floor or if there really are over 600 different images here, but was struck by the interesting idea. I, for example, am not a visual person and although I noticed the pictures on other doors as I passed by, it took me a while before I remembered to check out the picture on my own door. But
20130315_171524 many people, I'm sure, would find the image more memorable than the number. So this seemed to me an interesting translit
erate feature which I don't think I've ever seen before in a hotel. 

 3. Lastly, I started thinking again about MOOCs. I used to teach online a lot – I've taught in MOOs, O'Reilly Webboard, WebCT, on Skype and Blackboard, plus various other long defunct platforms. I set up the revolutionary trAce Online Writing School in 2002, and with Kate Pullinger devised the Online MA in Creative Writing and New Media. But I haven't taught whole courses online for quite a while now, and MOOCs have been rather passing me by. In the last few months, however, an increasing number of colleagues have spoken enthusiastically about their experiences of being both students and teachers in MOOCs, and I think it's time for me to get to grips with them. So I'm looking forward to refreshing my transliteracy skills online in an environment which I suspect will be pretty different from those I knew before.

So, three new personal takeways for me from this one day conference – very valuable and energising. Thanks to everyone who came. 

Transliterate Spaces at 3Ts 2013: Transliteracy from Cradle to Career

Here are my slides from 3Ts 2013: Transliteracy from Cradle to Career, held at Empire State College in Saratoga Springs on 15 March 2013. Thanks to Tom Mackey and Michele Forte and their colleagues for a very stimulating and enjoyable event. We talked about many things in the course of the day and I tried to keep a note of all the links I needed to pass on. Here, in no particular order, are the items I think I promised to share. Do contact me if I missed anything.
And here are a couple of photos of you all from the start of the day. 

Videos from Sorbonne Colloque « Translittératies : enjeux de citoyenneté et de créativité » 7-9 novembre 2012

There is an excellent series of videos recording this event organised by Prof Divina Meigs and her colleagues in Paris in November 2012. Here are two of the videos introducing transliteracy – Professor Alan Liu, of the University of California Santa Barbara, and myself, Professor Sue Thomas, of De Montfort University, Leicester. Follow this link for the whole set.


Trailer for the 3Ts 2013: Transliteracy from Cradle to Career Conference

CFP – 3Ts 2013: Transliteracy from Cradle to Career Conference – Deadline 26 November


I'm delighted to have been asked to keynote at this conference at SUNY Empire State College Center for Distance Learning, March 15, 2013. The full CFP is here and the deadline is 26 Nov.

Conference Proposals should address one or more of the following questions:

  • What are the 21st century literacies that learners need from K-12 to higher education? 
  • How do we transition transliterate learners from cradle to career? 
  • Will transliteracy bridge literacy education from cradle to career? 
  • How do we engage K-12 teachers and college educators in transliteracy conversations and collaborations? 
  • How does technology inform and support our transliteracy teaching practices? 
  • In a world of new literacies, how do we integrate transliteracy, metaliteracy, and/or media and information literacy in our teaching?

There's a lot to discuss! I'm very much looking forward to meeting my American colleagues.

Transliteracy en Francais #translitteratie #translitteraties #tranlitteratie

20121108_170751Last week in Paris I learned there are several French Twitter hashtags for transliteracy including #translitteratie #translitteraties and #tranlitteratie (I've skipped the accents, apologies) but the one which seemed to win out was #translitteratie which was heavily used by @AnneCordier a Lecturer in Information Sciences and Communication at the University of Rouen, who provided an excellent running commentary to the proceedings.

It was a great opportunity to learn about French approaches to transliteracy and my first time wearing headphones for simultaneous translation, which was produced from a portable translation unit parked at the back of the room. See the picture. Ingenious!

The presentations are all available here, in a wonderful mishmash of french and english.