Transliteracy 多媒体读写能力 at DAW Symposium, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts

Duo Mei Ti Du Xie Neng Li

200px-Xi'an_-_City_wall_-_014 At the end of June I’ll be visiting China for the first time. I’ll be speaking at the DAW Symposium: Visions and Trends in Transdisciplinary Art and Science at the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts (XAFA). It promises to be a huge and very impressive event. I’m just one of many speakers from several countries and I’m really looking forward to meeting them as well as our Chinese colleagues. I’ve been learning a little Mandarin this year but not much went in, I have to admit, so I have a lot of revision to do before I leave.

I’d like to thank my colleague in the IOCT, Professor Hongji Yang, for very kindly working out a translation of the word ‘transliteracy’ for me in both characters and pinyin. I’ll be very interested to hear the view of other Mandarin speakers as to what this means to them.

I’m also keen to research metaphors of computing and the internet in China and very much hope I’ll be able to harvest a few for my growing collection.

Of course, various social media apps are blocked in China so I don’t know which I’ll use to journal my trip, but, time permitting, I will try to post some reports and pictures while I’m there.

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2 thoughts on “Transliteracy 多媒体读写能力 at DAW Symposium, Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts

  1. Wow Sue. The conference sounds exciting. Will you be putting your talk/presentation online? It sounds like something I might like to include on the reading list for the Online MA course in New Media Narratives at the U of Alberta.
    Also – do you have a pic of “transliteracy” in Chinese characters and pinyin?

  2. Hi Jess, the characters and pinyin are in this post – top line. The talk itself is much like my usual transliteracy talk but it is being translated into Mandarin and I’ll post it here when it’s done.

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