Transliteracy as Blueberry Smoothie, from Brian Hulsey

Brian Hulsey at The Chattahoochee Valley Library system in Phenix City, Alabama, has posted this great video on what he calls Everyday Transliteracy which combines two good things – transliteracy and food! I'd love him to add to it further by including the literacy of reading the recipe, of using the cookery skills and tools to make the smoothie, and of course the all-important process of consumption. Brian, if you're reading this, do you have time to add a new section to your movie showing all of that? I hope so!

This is an important topic. The different literacies of food – how it's grown, processed and consumed in different cultures and contexts – are hugely important. The understanding of a particular food can unite or divide us. And that's without even starting on the literacies of table manners. I really enjoyed Brian's approach..


3 thoughts on “Transliteracy as Blueberry Smoothie, from Brian Hulsey

  1. Sue,
    Thank you so very much for the kind words concerning the video, I’m flattered. As for the addition of making the smoothie, I will be doing this on Saturday 4/24 and will post in the same day.
    I have become completely enamored with Transliteracy, especially how it relates to libraries in helping our patrons understand and communicate in the ever changing climate of information. Again, thank you.

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