Transliteracy: some thoughts on themes and common ground

Transliteracy_conference wordle  At the recent transliteracy conference, one conversation touched upon the question of whether it was appropriate to have a definition for transliteracy. Although the presentations covered a rich mix of story-telling, digital and transdisciplinary art, anthropology and critical literacies, each presenter was, nonetheless, able to describe what they consider the relevance of the concept of transliteracy to their own research and discipline. This would seem to indicate that the working definition is fit-for-purpose, at least in initiating debate, engagement, if not always common ground. continue reading

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Thanks to everyone for the Transliteracy Conference

Thanks to everyone who came, presented, discussed, blogged, photographed, audiobooed and tweeted at yesterday's conference. What a wonderful day! Of all the tweets I think my favourite was from  @soundingUnder: #transliteracy conference was amazingly diverse and
surprising. Auto+ethnography, Algorithmic Music, + expansive issues of social

Question is – what next? Any thoughts? Share them here on on the Transliteracy Ning.

Closing plenary from the #transliteracy conference 2010

Action in Transliteracy

Transliteracy and Narrative

In the lunchbreak, I had a conversation with a writer that triggered some thoughts I made this audioboo about

Thoughts at Half Time at the Transliteracy conference.

I caught up with a couple of the attendees here, as well as Josie Fraser who's amplifying the event with Brian and I, and we had a chat about the day so far: 


Practice in Transliteracy – parallel session 2