Transliteracy Conference 9 Feb 2010 Programme

Steve Brian Brian, Josie Josie and Steve from the innovative social media group Amplified will be there to capture and amplify the conversations at and around the Transliteracy Conference using Audioboo, Flickr, Twitter and blogging. They’ll be wearing black Amplified T-shirts so please do say hello, see what they’re doing, ask questions, perhaps be interviewed. They’d love to talk to you.

Housekeeping Stuff

Tweeting / following the conference? Use the #transliteracy hashtag.

See Abstracts for more information about the speakers and their talks.

Meet up before and after the conference at the Transliteracy Ning

Sessions will be filmed and made available online after the event

And yes, there will be wireless!


09.00-10.00 Registration and coffee Etc Suite

10.00-10.15 Welcome Screen 2

10.15-10.45 Introduction Screen 2

  • Professor Sue Thomas [DMU] What is Transliteracy?

10.45-12.30 Session 1: Competencies Screen 2
Chaired by Kate Pullinger

  • Judith Aston [UWE] Transliteracy and polyphonic narrative: a case study
  • Fernanda Bonacho [Lisbon] Disrupting preconceptions: transliteracies of reading
  • Matt Grace [Exeter] Geography and plenty of penguins: the propensity of co-authorship to aid geograph(y/ers)
  • Gareth Howell [DMU] you’re a blockhead, @charliebrown
  • Dr Drew Whitworth [Manchester] Critical Theory, Learning and Transliteracy

12.30-13.30 LUNCH Etc Suite

13.30-14.30 Session 2: Practice (Two parallel sessions – choose one)

Session 2a Screen 2
Chaired by Ann Kaloski, [University of York]

  • Ron Herrema [DMU] Trans-arts Literacy and Creative Efficiency
  • Kate Pullinger [DMU] Transliterate Practice
  • Martin Rieser [DMU] The Third Woman

Session 2b Etc Suite 3
Chaired by Diane Taylor, [DMU]

  • Dr Steve Gibson [DMU] Transdisciplinary Digital Art
  • Michael Maguire [UCD]
  • Christine Wilks Underbelly

14.45-15.15 Coffee Break Etc Suite 1

15.15-16.45 Session 3: Action Screen 2
Chaired by Sue Thomas

  • Claudia Cragg [DMU] New Media Fiction and Non-Fiction Creativity and Mobile Platforms
  • Kirsty McGill (TConsult Ltd] Remote Audiences
  • Lyle Skains [Bangor] Visualizing the Story From Text to Screen: Application of Film Adaptation Techniques to Digital Fiction
  • Amy Spencer [Goldsmiths] Transliterate Readers and the Networked Book

16.45-17.30 Plenary Screen 2
Chaired by Sue Thomas

With guests Thilo Boeck [DMU Centre for Social Action], Sukai Bojang [UNESCO, Digital Media Researcher], Lisa Gee [Creative], Josie Fraser [Education], Neville Stork [Head of Environmental Sustainability, Leicester City Council]

17.30 End