Transliteracy Workshop, IOCT Future of Technologies Conference 20.11.08

I ran a workshop on transliteracy at the IOCT Future of Technologies Conference. Most of it was groupwork but I also gave a mini presentation. Much of the group conversation was about boundaries and privacy in a transliterate world, and I think these issues are becoming an increasingly important element of what some are now calling Web 3.0, as are issues of slowness, stillness, and silence.

The Future of Creative Technologies Conference

Today is the last day to register for The Future of Creative Technologies Conference taking place at De Montfort University.
This conference is an opportunity to discuss the latest trends and hear the views of three of the World's leading authorities in digital creativity who are all Visiting Professors of the IOCT:
Dr Jim Hendler Dr Lev Manovich Professor Howard Rheingold
The day will commence with an opening keynote by Professor Andrew Hugill, founding director of the IOCT at De Montfort University. Following this there will be three workshops to identify pertinent high level issues facing researchers, industry and policy makers today. Each workshop will be chaired by professional researchers and leading names in their fields;
Technology Workshop – Jerry Fishenden, National Technology Officer at Microsoft UK and currently undertaking doctoral research at the IOCT, will lead a workshop focusing on the trends in internet and technologies.
Bill Buxton asserts that “anything that is going to significantly impact us in terms of technology in 10 years time is already 10 years old.” In this workshop, we’re going to consider and debate some of the key developments likely to cause most disruption. The workshop is likely to include developments around convergence/divergence; the conjoining of the real and digital worlds, including new modalities of interaction; the Internet as ubiquitous, pervasive grid; robotics; security, privacy and identity; people, society, localism and technology … versus State-ist/regulatory models.
Content Workshop – Professor Sue Thomas, Professor of New Media at the IOCT, will lead a workshop focusing on trends in digital content.
This workshop explains at the concept of transliteracy as developed in the IOCT and explores ways in which it unifies and amplifies the many literacies we use today in our personal, social and business networks.
Design Workshop – Professor Martin Rieser, Professor of Digital Creativity at the IOCT, will lead a workshop focusing on trends in digital art and design.
This workshop will concentrate on describing the emergence of mobile technologies, including Locative and Pervasive media and their implications for Artists and Designers, with particular reference to his research on the subject of the Mobile Audience (the subject of his new book and curated weblog). A number of questions will be posed about the nature of mapping, information systems and narrative structures which are changed or challenged by these new phenomena. Citing examples from around the world, the group will analyse the key features of this new terrain.
In the afternoon Dr Jim Hendler, Dr Lev Manovich and Professor Howard Rheingold will highlight key trends in their fields and share their thoughts on the issues identified in the workshops in an open discussion with Delegates.
Conference Programme
9.30am Registration
10.30am Welcome
10.40am Introductory keynote by Professor Andrew Hugill
11.00am Workshops
12.15pm Networking lunch
1.15pm Overview of afternoon sessions by Professor Andrew Hugill
1.30pm Dr Jim Hendler
2.00pm Dr Lev Manovich
2.30pm Professor Howard Rheingold
3.00pm Refreshments Break
3.30pm Open discussion with questions from the workshops and the floor
5.00pm Closing Remarks