Andrew Hugill on Musical Transliteracy

Professor Andrew Hugill, Director of the IOCT at De Montfort University, is credited with the first print mention of transliteracy. It appears in his book The Digital Musician (Routledge, 2008). He can also be seen speaking about musical transliteracy in this snippet from the May 2007 Transliteracy Colloquium.
Here is an excerpt from The Digital Musician:

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Transliteracy in the THES 14th August 2008

Hannah Fearn interviewed me for this article some months ago and since then she has obviously been very busy raising the issue with other academics. The end result is a fascinating and pretty comprehensive piece which will, I hope, provoke plenty of debate.
Grappling with the digital divide
By Hannah Fearn, Times Higher Education Supplement, 14 August 2008

Students are increasingly 'transliterate', communicating across a range of technologies. Can academics keep up?