Transliteracy: The Spirit of Kanji

Transliteracy: The Spirit of Kanji is by Mary King, a second year student on the Online MA in Creative Writing and New Media. Mary has lived in Japan for a long time and brings a fascinating perspective to our discussions about transliteracy. In this video she explains that for generations Kanji has been used as a form of multimedia. This is a slow and thoughtful film – set aside a little time to adjust to its pace so that you can appreciate it most fully.


One thought on “Transliteracy: The Spirit of Kanji

  1. That was very beautiful – a tiny island of calm on the troubled high seas of the internet. My/an initial emotional response: a feeling of ‘deep time’ and the way Language weaves together the very fabric of the mystery of Life itself – to breathe, to speak, bird footprints written in the snow; suddenly, quietly, an entire world is formed..

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