A transliterate day in Wales

To Bangor today, to give a talk on transliteracy at the National Institute for Excellence in the Creative Industries or Sefydliad Cenedlaethol er Rhagoriaeth yn y Diwydiannau Creadigol
It was an interestingly transliterate experience for the following reasons:
1. I drove there via the M6 Toll Road, my first trip on that road, and very enjoyable and spacious it was too. It was amusing to remember reading that this section was partially built with pulped romantic novels – see M6 Toll built with pulped fiction – the first transliterate road? 🙂
2. I am staying tonight in accommodation in the new Management Centre, which has bi-lingual elevators announcing the floors first in a Welsh elevator voice and then in English. If I stayed here long enough I think the Welsh for 'Ground Floor' will be firmly embedded in my brain. Transliterate lift?
3. My talk turned out to be more transliterate than I would have liked. Last night I printed it out from Googledocs and, I admit, I didn't check every page. Giving the actual presentation I was shocked to discover that certain sections of the talk had printed out as garbage, whilst the rest of the document was fine. Required some quick improvisation! Over-transliterated?