Indigenous people using YouTube

I've written before about tribes like the Brazilian Asheninka who have chosen to limit the emphasis on print literacy in their communities. Here's an interesting post about an Australian aboriginal tribe the Warlpiri who have chosen video as their preferred literacy. Ethnologist Kimberly Christen writes:

Check it out. Warlpiri men at Lajamanu have recorded and posted a video up on YouTube about recent events during which a female police officer went onto men’s ceremonial grounds. Their critique is lodged in the cultural protocols and law that surround gender specific ceremonies. The fact that they are making their complaint and their call for police to understand their law on YouTube marks a new mode of communication with (or at least an attempt at communication with) police and the wider non-Aboriginal public. And it looks like the police were listening…they are going to apologize and meet with the community about the incident.

Long Road | Warlpiri take their complaints to YouTube