Worth how many words?

A really fascinating project called "80 Million Tiny Images" attempts to colour map every noun in the English language via Google Image Search.
80million tiny images example
The authors have used Wordnet, an online thesarus, to create semantic groupings (e.g. plants) and then sub-groupings in which the nouns were arranged. Each noun was then the subject of a Google Image search, such as that shown by "Eastern Poison Oak" in the example above, and the dominant colour in the most popular images was determined.
The semantic grouping means that pixels close to each other are closely semantically related while those further away are not. As can be seen, this semantic grouping is often visible through colour similarities – it is relatively easy to guess where the plant grouping is placed.
This kind of visualisation might also prove of interest when exploring tagging and other web2.0 devices. I wonder what the colour of Linux, Microsoft or Apple would be. If I could find money in 80 Million Tiny Images, what would it's colour be and what might that tell us about the collective intelligence?
Originally from Smart Mobs.