David Lynch on watching movies on your phone

YouTube – David Lynch on iPhone Self-explanatory!


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  1. He is possibly at the top of my list of living cultural idols, so I find it hard to fault anything that he says or does. Perhaps we should leave the term movie for something designed for a big(ger) screen, and call multimedia narratives that are specifically intended for mobile phones something else: cellflix, mobmovies, mobile films…
    Of course there will always be a demand for (Lynch’s style of) ‘movies’ on mobile phones or other small-screen portable devices, because – well, they are small and portable. You can watch media on the bus, or in a queue. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t a huge reduction in quality, but it seems people are willing to swap quality for anywhere/everywhere access to their movies.
    But movies made for the mobile and generation and its technologies are part of the real genious of YouTube (and that this clip is being propagated via YouTube is a nice irony). I could use the dedicated ‘YouTube’ button on an iPhone or iPod Touch to view this clip quickly, for free, and with no massive degredation in quality from the ‘original’ we see here.
    I actually find it hard to believe he’ll be able to resist creating work for mobiles, given his history as an experimenter with online film distribution. Half of me expects this to be a clever piece of viral advertising before the announcement of a Lynch-directed series of exclusive iPhone movies.

  2. Yes, I too am an extreme Lynch fan. How could I not be?
    However, this is a very naieve comment unless of course he’s talking to ONLY the ‘developed world’. Where is Edward Said when we need him? (A spin on the Orientalism credo).
    Most of the Indian sub-continent and vast swathes of the PRC and Central and South America and elsewhere ONLY have cellphones. Their worlds drown in ‘brownouts’, electricity shortages, and sometimes the only way people can watch videos of any kind at all is on their phones.
    They won’t, of course, all have an IPhone. Yet.

  3. Indeed, I wonder how anyone who enjoys moving images and narrative could not be a Lynch fan!
    Good points about the availability of that kind of ‘ideal’ movie viewing equipment elsewhere in the world.
    And to be slightly facetious, at least you don’t get stuck with someone’s head in your view or kicking the back of your chair for the duration of the movie.

  4. That ideal type of viewing situation for the movie, at least the ones filmed with the widescreen in mind, can’t be beaten for total immersion. Is it that Lynch wants us to dive into his world “although, maybe we already live in it 😉 ?” He’s quite precious about how his work is viewed, isn’t he? There’s supposed to be no chapters on his DVDs’ although I’m sure Wild At Heart has some?

  5. Fans of David Lynch will love his daily weather report, if you haven’t already seen it http://www.davidlynch.com/dailyreport/ Needless to say, since he is usually in LA the weather is always pretty much the same (cf Steve Martin’s LA Story). I can’t really explain why Lynch seems so visionary since I know that much of what he does is crazy, but it’s a pleasure to follow him around a bit. And is he transliterate? Surely!

  6. Sometimes it feels as though he’s showing us a different perspective on life that we’d never imagined existed before, and other times, it seems like he’s just peeling back the layers on what we knew was there all along. How often have we all had ‘Lynchian’ moments?
    He’s definitely transliterate! In many ways on a very deep level that connects with the essence of who/what we are perhaps?

  7. His weather report has always struck me as a live version of his ‘angriest dog in the world’ comic strip ( http://www.davidlynch.de/angry.html ), where the image never changed, just the text in the bubbles.
    Transliterate – yes, I would agree! Not just in his working across various media, or the way he bleeds one medium into another, but something more difficult to verbalise… perhaps that very deep level Mark mentions.

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