Strangely Addictive – WikipediaVision

It's strangely addictive, watching annonymous adjustments to Wikipedia blink on an off my screen.
"WikipediaVision is a visualization of edits to the English (and the German, French, Spanish) Wikipedia, almost the same time as they happen. The idea came after seeing flickervision and twittervision, both created by David Troy. WikipediaVision, however, was designed and implemented by me alone [László Kozma.]"


5 thoughts on “Strangely Addictive – WikipediaVision

  1. Thrilling near real-time visualizations

    We have Flickrvision and Twittervision, and now there’s also WikipediaVision! It is something thrilling about seeing publishing unfold in almost real-time, maybe something similar to how it must have been to experience live broadcasting in its heyday (…

  2. Sue – I too like flickrvision and I just looked at the site again and wonder if there is any correlation between place and types of photos that are uploaded. Just as I watched (about 3 minutes) it seemed that most of the photos being uploaded from the eastern side of the map (east of the UK) were of places, things, landscapes while on the western side and including England & Scotland seemed to show a propensity for people. Obviously this isn’t an academic or rigorous/qualified interpretation…I wonder if any work has been done on this? The same for Wikipedia edits…do the kinds of edits made have any correlation with geographical area?

  3. Mark – it is hypnotic but wouldn’t it be more hypnotic if images of the wikipage being edited also appeared? That would probably take some doing though…

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