Transliteracy Equations

My French is very poor these days so I had to resort to Babelfish to translate this interesting post at Urfist Info
Urfist Info: Information media computer critical… literacies = transliteracy.

It would already be necessary to start with these three "literacies", which remains still too often separate: the computer, media and information literacy. In other words, data processing specialists (or rather teachers in data processing!), sociologists of the media and specialists in education to the media, and librarian-documentalists, trainers of the "control of information". In short, EATIC (education with the TIC) + EAM (education with the media) + EAI (education with information) = EACI (education with the informational culture), French alternative of the transliteracy…! (since one likes the initials in France, we do not deprive!). It will be necessary to return (more seriously!) on these questions.

I hope the post's author, Alexandre Serres, will excuse the clunky Babelfish translation. It was interesting to see how closely his equation matches the one I proposed in March 2007 in a post titled Media + Digital + More = Trans ?