On a quest for transliterate jokes

What, would you say, is transliterately funny? I recently met with David Alder, Head of Press & PR here at DMU, and Geoff Rowe, organiser of the Leicester Comedy Festival. Geoff is looking for new ideas about humour and David wondered whether transliteracy could help. Although he'd never heard of it before Geoff soon got the idea and asked me if I could tell him any transliterate jokes. This has come up in various conversations but nobody has yet decided what a transliterate joke might be like. I'm sure that lots of existing comedy counts as transliterate, and there is probably plenty of new stuff coming out of Web 2.0 as well. See for example Bruce's post earlier this year.
This is a plea, therefore, to be on the alert for anything you consider to be a transliterately funny, in any format or medium. Post your suggestions here and Geoff has promised that if there are enough interesting responses he'll try them out during the Leicester Comedy Festival 8-17th February 2008.
So – know any transliterate jokes?