Creative Process: Creativity Conversation at the IOCT

"The creative process: views from practice and analysis."

Bruce Mason (New media advocate, right in photo)
Peter Shillingsburg (Textual scholar, left in photo)

Peter's talk focussed on the analysis of *creativity*

"New knowledge is the result of a rational extension of the boundaries of established knowledge through acts of innovative combination, controlled violation of conventions, and recognition of the potentitals of the unexpected, including accidents."

(from Stephen Brown paraphrasing Margaret Boden)

Peter went on to give us some interesting examples of creativity as a controlled violation such as in “Tree Bellicose Graph

“Jaun supine team tree bellicose livid tug adder inner past her honor heel slide. Day word deep tree Bellicose Graph. Dare wuzzy Girt Bag Bellicose Graph, dare wuzzy Muddles Eyes Bellicose Graph, enter wuzzy Ladle Beady Bellicose Graph. Bees hide dare past her render Russian reaver. Juan moaning, dado seeded acrostic past her tweet digress honor udder sight. Bat furs day head topaz oeqvre breech Honda witch dare livid day bag hoary bull trowel.”

Bruce began his segment of the talk with a question: “Can a group be creative?”

Bruce went on to use the example of A Million Penguins as evidence of group creativity and examined why the blogosphere (in general) seems to have labelled the project a failure.

Bruce’s talk stimulated lots of discussion which meant Bruce was able to share with us a *bonus* slide illustrating his Second Life endeavours to thwart creativity constraints by building a tardis…

extracted from original live-blogged post.