Transliteracy talk at Washington State University, 8 Nov 07

WSU1.jpgYesterday I gave at talk to Dr Dene Grigar's class as part of The Digital Technology and Culture (DTC) major at Washington State University Vancouver. The program "integrates critical thinking, creative skills, and computer programming with course work in the Humanities and Social Sciences to offer a broad-based, interdisciplinary major that looks to the skills and abilities demanded by the future." Sounds to me like a course which might be interested in transliteracy, and sure enough we had a very lively discussion. Btw the campus sits between two mountains, Mt Hood and Mt St Helens, neither of which were visible that day due to the usual Pacific Northwest mists, but if they had been you would have been able to see one of them in the background of this picture! Very dramatic. Later that day I gave another talk, at Northbank Artists Gallery, this time on my Wild Surmise project, and appeared alongside Dr Samantha Blackmon from Purdue University, whose work on games and diversity really got me thinking about issues of difference on both race and gender in the gaming world. Another lively and very memorable session. I enjoyed visiting Vancouver WA and look forward to returning next Spring for the Visionary Landscapes conference, also organised by Dene.
After the afternoon presentation the class rose to my challenge to make some kind of transliterate object. The images from my phone aren't very clear, I'm afraid, but I hope you can make out a sense of what they did from these few photos.

This group worked on a conversation conducted only in emoticons:


These three students made a flash animation:


And these students (seen here with Dene Grigar in red) devised a series of complex examples of shapeshifting between different materialities.



4 thoughts on “Transliteracy talk at Washington State University, 8 Nov 07

  1. Are you going to upload your slides anywhere for us to have a look at Sue? And, did anyone live blog the lively discussion on translit? I’d be interested to hear/read/see what Dene’s students thought.

  2. Jess. I will upload the slides but something odd has happened which has corrupted all the hyperlinks on them and I’m trying to fix them first. I’m afraid I don’t have any liveblogging of the session to report as far as I know.

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