Emerge(ing) Transliteracy

How the web saves me work.
This week I went to an event organised by Emerge where I have the enjoyable role of Steering Group member. Emerge is the support project for the UK Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) Users and Innovation Programme. Find out more here.
It was quite exhilerating to meet around 80 UK educators all looking for ways to use new technologies for collaboration and innovation. Furthermore, the nosy anthropologist in me could watch networking happening live and in the raw!
I did participate in a small way, at the Unconference organised by Brian Kelly and Graham Atwell, but just as I sat down this morning to write this post about our conversation on transliteracy, Google Alerts popped into my inbox to let me know that Brian had beaten me to it. So, thanks for saving me the work Brian (and Google) ! Here's Brian's post….