Transliteracy Colloquium: who’s blogging it?

Jess Laccetti "Aladdin began by noting that different systems call for different forms of perception and that important to him is a kind of overall "wholeness" to experience."
Roland Harwood "Effective communication and building trust gets a lot more difficult when technology is involved as you don't have the usual body language and eye contact that we often take for granted in face to face interaction. Blogs, social networks or online environments like Second Life, all have their own cultures and etiquette, which are often not obvious to the uninitiated."
Ruth Page "In the Q/A session that followed lunch some of the questions were: How/why does the tran in transliteracy help us going from between, across to beyond? Can it help us to think about what is further ahead (for example how might 2-D immersion say on the web, 2nd life etc become multidimensional and more embodied?)"
Will Pearson "There is a need to better understand how media works with one another, not just side by side."
Jerry Fishenden "The scale of change coming in the digital era will make that industrial revolution transformation look trivial in comparison. We are about to transcend literacy."