Andrew Marr – a thoughtful look at ebook readers and their smells

cms_Changing_20070512143050.jpg"For me, the most important moment came reading a Sherlock Holmes story when I suddenly realised I'd been following the tale for several minutes having completely forgotten about the Iliad itself. This, of course, is essential: how many of us could get anything out of a book if we were constantly saying, in a small voice, "Hey, look at me – I'm reading this thing"?"
Andrew Marr is a British journalist well-known for his measured intelligence, so really it should be no surprise that his report on the new Iliad e-reader should be so thoughtful. Nevertheless, it's such a pleasure to find in the sea of technophobia we've been paddling in lately that I bring it to your attention, along with his (very reasonable) plea for more smell…
"Meanwhile, my advice to the makers is to refine the page-turning just a little more, offer a battered blue cloth-bound wallet and, above all, make it smell – just a little musty, please. Or dank. You could offer a choice. But it's clear enough that after all the waiting and the over-hyping, the ebook is arriving. Before long you are going to see them being carried nonchalantly around. And after that some of you, at least, are going to buy one." Curling up with a good ebook, Andrew Marr, The Guardian 11 May 2007
Personally, though, I think I'd prefer a smell dial so I could switch from cedarwood to rosepetal to fish and chips, depending on what I was reading..


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  1. The smell dial sounds good – in this context at least…wouldn’t be such an avid reader if the setting was a sewer or damp and musty cave…

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