Icon soup

Found on a blog.
Answers on a postcard, please.


4 thoughts on “Icon soup

  1. Hi Bruce, in a post I did for Frontline Books on social bookmarking I found loads more pretty little icons. Have a look at the end of the post

  2. Socializer has a great collection (and explanation) of these… see for example Socialize ‘The Digitally Literate Classroom: Reading Inanimate Alice’

  3. Yikes. Actually, looking at that lot reminds me of advertising in Edwardian times. There’s a wild ferment which, presumably, will crash and burn (or consolidate) into a few market leaders. Give it 10 years and screen shots like that will be as nostalgic as 70s fashion. As tasteful, too.

  4. Yes, most of these are surely destined to be swept away or consolidated. Hopefully the eventual market leaders won’t be AOL come-lately efforts!

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