Human Social Networking / Google Announcement

I decided to spend some of the morning catching up on writing so missed an exciting Google announcement just before lunch but, thanks to human social networking, I've just heard all about it from Tris Hussey, who is sitting near me at one of the tables close to a power source. Despite the wiredness of the attendees at this conference, it's desperately short on power supplies so we all cluster around what's available like shellfish around a warm water outlet. Anyway, the big news from Google today is that they are going to launch a Powerpoint-like application, blogged here by Tris who has therefore saved me the hassle of writing it myself. Thanks Tris!
Other human social networking instances I can report are as follows:

* I met Mark Scrimshire, an Englishman now living in the US . I twittered the meeting but like all twitters it just disappeared into deep space, probably unread by anybody. He showed me how to Meebo, so here it is again for posterity.
* I always thought that Dion Hinchcliffe’s name was pronounced DEEon but it turns out it is DYon.
* Last year monetize was my favourite conference phrase. This year I have a new one, heard for the first time from the above-mentioned Dion – biobreak. Very useful.
* I was curious to hear how Tim O’Reilly, Father of Web 2.0, would pronounce the hallowed phrase. I’ve heard him speak before but hadn’t been alert to listen for it. This time I was. He pronounced it Web-two-dot-oh. I wrote it down. Then later he said web-two-oh. So, no resolution on that then.
* bio-twitter – I heard a different kind of twittering last evening when walking in the street. A huge black crow swept down to an ivy-covered wall and then up again with an entire bird hanging from its beak by one wing and surrounded by several tweeting relatives chasing the crow as it flew off with its prey. Rather disconcerting sight in the centre of a big city.