Digitise or Die

These are the words that make techno-phobes stand up and be counted while optimistic techno-users shiver at the thought of yet another "either/or".
Tomorrow evening at the South Bank centre an audience will be waiting to hear how Margaret Atwood explains the future of the book in this "brave new world of authors, readers and publishers in the age of new technology."

The blurb from the Londontown site:

“What is the future of the book in the digital age? Authors Margaret Atwood, Andrew O’Hagan and Erica Wagner and publisher Stephen Page, Chief Executive of Faber & Faber, discuss the brave new world of authors, readers and publishers in the age of new technology. With the birth of the Internet, some argue that the digital age will bring a time when writers will no longer need publishers – the middle man can be cut out. Instead, readers can download books from the web or order them to be printed on demand. Expect some highbrow discussion from Booker award-winning author Margaret Atwood, India Knight’s partner Andrew O’Hagan and literary editor of “The Times” Erica Wagner. Faber & Faber’s Stephen Page, the man responsible for modernizing the venerable publishing house, will no doubt, argue that he is yet to be convinced that the Internet can replace books. During this talk the passion for books will be both evident and infectious. You can expect some compelling arguments which will leave you with a renewed enthusiasm for books and vowing to spend less time online.”

Whew, good thing as I was all worried there for a second that the future of the book might be in jeopardy and we’d all just reminisce about reading our laptops in the bath…


3 thoughts on “Digitise or Die

  1. Yes, well, the event last night was as unforwardlooking as you could get – all participants worrying about what might be lost and next to nothing about potential gains. What a waste!

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