The algorithm is banned in China

I am reflected in this picture I took of a billboard in Venice, Los Angeles. 8 April 07. What's it about? Google? I'm thinking probably not… but maybe another search engine?


5 thoughts on “The algorithm is banned in China

  1. Saw the banned in China ad and another: ” The Algorithm Predicts Jesus” in SF…Really curious to find out what this is all about.

  2. I’ve just found this:
    “Here they are, pictures of the mysterious new “algorithm” billboards that have been popping up along Highway 101 between San Francisco and Silicon Valley. They’re Ask’s own, Valleywag has confirmed. At first, we wondered whether the campaign was a tongue-in-cheek response, by Google, to Ask’s negative advertising. One of the slogans, “The Algorithm Killed Jeeves,” appeared to refer to the also-ran search engine’s trademark butler; Google is the company with the world-conquering algorithm. And Google had been tweaked by a faux-guerrilla campaign by Barry Diller’s Ask, which papered the city’s underground, and lampposts, with an appeal to consumers to break the information monopoly. But who are we kidding? Like Google cares. Valleywag’s photographer got close enough to the 101 billboards to spot the credit, in discreet letters, at the bottom left. (Photographs below.) That would fit: a second billboard — The Algorithm Is From Jersey — makes a reference to the home state of Ask’s search brains trust. Anyway, the IAC search engine company got us to notice. But, now that we’re paying attention, please somebody explain the ridiculously confusing message.”
    Maybe it’s a reference to google in China rather than and ask has a new search algorithm?

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