Did you know…

  • that if tea and coffee are mixed together, the resulting substance closely resembles toffee?
  • that the Orange Construction Barrel (viaae fabricatio barrelus) is one of several species of highly specialized plants which have adapted to be able to grow in the most extreme of conditions — the roadways of North America? It is the second most common member of the sub-genus fabricatio — commonly known as the "fabriforms" — and is prized for its weather-resistance and bioluminescent fruit.
  • that all trees speak, but only some people hear them?

If you didn't know these things, you haven't read The Uncyclopedia – the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Parody, especially when successful, can be a good way to approach the analysis of an object and The Uncyclopedia is in interesting case. I also find it intriguing that the Wikipedia entry classes The Uncyclopedia with such phenomena as The Flying Spaghetti Monster. The FSM strikes me as an example of cultural Forteana that owes a fair part of its existence to the web.