Are you Digitally Literate?

During the preparation for a class I'm giving this week, I came across the Microsoft Digital Literacy Certificate Test. If nothing else, it helps us understand what Microsoft define as the qualities of digital literacy. (I should say that these questions come at the end of a lengthy online course, the Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum.) Can only be viewed in IE, naturally. There are 30 questions. I'll give it a go later. Anyone else care to have a try?


2 thoughts on “Are you Digitally Literate?

  1. Interesting! The questions weren’t as bad as I had anticipated. They actually represent the ‘production’ side of digital literacy fairly well, as well as what we might call general computer and internet literacy.
    Some questions are naturally heavily Microsoft-skewed (“Which three types of objects can you create by using Microsoft Office Access 2003?”). At least one is way too narrow for my liking – “Which type of online community can you use to create an online journal? Bulletin board, Chat group, Blog, Newsgroup” – of course, the answer they were looking for is Blog, but couldn’t you also use a bb or newsgroup to do this?
    Funniest question: “You accidentally delete data from your computer.
    What is the term for this type of computer threat?
    -Software piracy
    -Human error
    I hadn’t realised I was officially a computer threat.
    ps 30/30! Hurrah 🙂 Would have been a tad embarassing to fail this one!

  2. Phew, I got 100% too! I did answer quite a few of them by the seat of my pants, but I was obviously wearing the right pants. The question I objected to was the one about using content without asking permission being plagiarism. I always understood that plagiarism meant using content without attribution, not without permission.

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