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Not entirely sure that the embedded video below the line has anything massively to do with transliteracy though it does speak to Sue's interest in the "Internet of Things", something Bruce Sterling has been promoting. The video is a recreation of some very early computer games with people in chairs.

More of these can be found at Fresh Creation.
Family watching tvPart of the interest for me is the way in which things become retro. I remember playing “Pong” as a kid. The whole family sat around a black and white television and anxiously queued to take turns. Nowadays that looks as incongruous as a 1950s family watching television. You have to assume that all the excited buzz around web2.0 will look just as retro in 30 years time. Perhaps, at that time, we’ll see humorous artistic performances of wikis…


2 thoughts on “Video Games

  1. Well – the video is about understanding one medium well enough to recreate its effects in another medium. So that is pretty trans-y, I think.

  2. I can’t find the image right now, but Julian Bleecker often shows a picture of boys sitting together in the same room playing console games then asks why they aren’t interacting directly with each other instead. I imagine that’s the equivalent of Bruce’s family taking turns to play Pong, and presumably watching each other play too. My daughters weren’t gameplayers when they were growing up with the exception of Tetris – I remember competing with them for time on our single family Gameboy. In that case, we weren’t watching each other’s games, but instead were desperate to enter that private boxy zone where time ceases to matter until someone taps you on the shoulder and insists it’s their turn now. Then afterwards we would talk about the very strange things Tetris does to your head. Of course, you can do it with more than one player but we could only afford one Gameboy….

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