Taking Both sides

This from Many-to-Many is a brief report about a wiki called Debatepedia. The idea behind the wiki is to allow a space in which issues are debated but not resolved. One could argue that it is a more honest version of Wikipedia where everything looks like it is resolved. That would be overly cynical but it does show the way in which so many people are hunting for uses of wikis. Again it strikes me as a form of transliteration: people want to debate, people have wikis so why not jam the two together. Whether this is an example of the process of transliteracy is open for debate. You could see it as a mash-up where one element of the mashup is non-digital. Of course, the concept of mash-up, with its roots in Jamaican Creole, may be an example of transliteracy in action.
Somewhat ironically, the site is down as I type this – I expect it's been getting too many hits.