Forthcoming PART-related events

all 2007
IOCT = Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University, Leicester
DMU = De Montfort University

If you want more details, a link to PART's Google calendar has been added to the blog's sidebar. You can subscribe to the calendar by pressing the button but you will be asked to generate a gmail account if you don't already have one.
– January 19, Children of Web 2.0, The Production Ecology of Pre-School Television, University of Westminster (Sue Thomas)
– January 30, Tags, Networks and Narrative: Explorations in Folksonomy, internal seminar at the Institute of Creative Technologies, DMU (Bruce Mason & Sue Thomas)
– February 1, Rachel Jacobs: Love City, IOCT Salon
– February 14, ElectroMagnetic Radiation soundmapping (Chris Joseph), internal MTI presentation, De Montfort University, Clephan 1.19
Cultural eXchanges, DMU
—- February 28, The Future of Language (Chris Joseph, Jess Laccetti)
—- March 1, New Media Centre Discussion (Sue Thomas and others).
– March 8, IOCT Salon
– March 13, Reading and Writing in the Networked Era, Bob Stein, Director, Institute for the Future of the Book, public seminar, IOCT
– April 5, IOCT Salon
– April 27-28, The Uses of Transliteracy: narratives across media, Narrative and Multi-modality: Language, Theory, Contexts, University of Central England (Sue Thomas)
– May 17, 4D/digital poetry prize and exhibition, IOCT Salon
– June 7, IOCT Salon
– June 8, First UK Conference on Women, Blogging & Business with Jory des Jardins, Meg Pickard & others, Kenneth Barker Lecture Theatre, DMU, link to follow
– July 4, Alan Liu, Professor of English, University of California Santa Barbara, IOCT, link to follow
– July 10, Tags, Narratives, Networks Public Seminar, IOCT (Bruce Mason, Sue Thomas and others) link to follow

Staying Informed

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