IOCT – Seminar

To be held at the IOCT, Tuesday Jan 30, 5pm. Bruce Mason and Sue Thomas will be talking about "Tags, Networks and Narrative: Explorations in Folksonomy." A presentation detailing some early issues arising from an AHRC-funded research project into the use of social software for digital narrative studies."

The electronic environment has transformed the resources available to the academic researcher, most recently in the area of collaboration and new kinds of knowledge management. This presentation offers some early insights into the evaluation of “web 2.0” technologies for the connection of researchers across widely-differing disciplines. We will focus on tagging and its use in the creation of folksonomy as a means of generating an emergent shared understanding for the study of digital narrative.
Tagging refers to the process whereby users can add keywords or labels to online content. Web 2.0 sites such as “”, “flickr” and “YouTube” have demonstrated the utility of allowing users to assign labels to remotely stored media and then using these labels (“tags”) to guide searches for other media. Folksonomy is the name given to the process by which such tags can be aggregated in order to provide meaningful information. This is a bottom-up, user-generated activity: think Wikipedia vs. The Encyclopedia Britannica.
The presentation reports on the first quarter of an Arts and Humanities Research Council funded-project, run by Prof. Sue Thomas at De Montfort University. As we are still in the early stages, we are hoping that this presentation will help spark interesting dialogues. We also hope that it will contribute to the emergent interest in transliteracy. If you want to find out more, please check the project website (