Howard Rheingold

Howard Rheingold is Visiting Professor at the Institute of Creative Technologies at DMU and affiliated to PART. He is the author of:
Tools for Thought
The Virtual Community
Smart Mobs
Was the:
editor of Whole Earth Review
editor of The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog
founding executive editor of Hotwired
founder of Electric Minds
Has taught:
Participatory Media and Collective Action (UC Berkeley, SIMS, Fall 2005)
Toward a Literacy of Cooperation (Stanford, Winter, 2005)
Participatory Media/Collective Action (UC Berkeley, Fall 2006)
Digital Journalism (Stanford, Winter, 2006)
Non-resident Fellow, Annenberg Center for Communication, USC
Visiting Professor, Institute of Creative Technologies & the Production & Research in Transliteracy group, De Montfort University, UK
Current project:
The Cooperation Project