Bruce Mason

On%20the%20beach.jpg Bruce Mason is a post-doctoral researcher on the AHRC-funded Interdisciplinary applications of experimental social software to the study of narrative in digital contexts, (aka TNN) investigating the potential of social bookmarking for transdisciplinary communication. He is working with Professor Sue Thomas at the IOCT and finds the Aibos mildly perturbing.
Bruce's academic background is in a mixture of ethnography, folklore, linguistics and Artificial Intelligence, with a PhD on virtual ethnography. Previously he was working at Cardiff University on issues to do with hypermedia and ethnography and is the co-author of a recent Sage publication, Hypermedia for Qualitative Research (2006).
He has taught in folklore, media studies and anthropology and has ongoing research interests in virtual culture studies, qualitative research methodology, e-social-science and popular belief systems (e.g. beliefs about crop circles and UFOs). Currently he's very interested in scepticism and the discourse of "science denial" belief systems.

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